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Founded in 2014, Khuzaie Associates LLC is an independent and non-partisan political consultancy firm based in Washington D.C.

 Focusing on the future and anticipating evolving client needs is not only about understanding where clients will want advice but also about how they want that service delivered. During the last few years, we have been at the forefront of developments that have changed fundamentally the management of Political Consultancy - from the adoption of IT systems and sophisticated document management processes to investment in 'best in class' learning and development to creating efficient and cost-effective offshore support, Administrative, field research and technology centers.

 But whatever changes we have anticipated in the past are nothing compared with those that lie ahead of us. Our sights are set firmly on staying in the vanguard of the political industry as it evolves to meet the demands of a more complex, faster changing, and more connected world.

 We have the deep roots and knowledge of the language and culture of business required to address the nuances of local markets worldwide. And our culture of alliance and broad scope of practice enable us to navigate complexity across issues, practices and borders with ease.

Political consulting contributes considerably to the preparation, coordination and mediation of political decisions. With the ever growing demands on politics, the need for quality assurance in political consulting is also increasing. Khuzaie Associates views the development and continual improvement of standards as an indispensable precondition to the professionalization of consulting activities for organizations that engage political consultants.

The quality of our work can thus be measured by:

 The ability to effectively direct the planning of resources towards the preconceived goals and the available means in political, economic and societal conflicts and in competitive situations, the individual and specialist knowledge of the political consultancy personnel, the efficiency and verifiability of the process of political consulting.

 Internal and external political consultants always act in the interests of their clients or businesses, and are aware that they also outwardly represent them during the course of the assignment. In this respect they understand customer orientation.

 The quality criteria offer political consultants and clients a basis for optimizing of their own services, a differentiation within the field of political consulting, assistance in differentiating between the choices among providers of consultancy services.


Ahmed Khuzaie

Ahmed Khuzaie
Managing Partner

Bahraini Political Consultant, Managing Partner of DC based Political Consultancy Firm ‘Khuzaie Associates LLC’. Ahmed Khuzaie has cross-industry experience ranging from managing regional marketing campaigns with international names like HSBC Bank. Ahmed received his PhD from the University of Osaka in Japan and attended academic programs in Scotland and Germany. He published ‘The Book of Management,’Contractum Trinius’, and ‘Political Campaign Planning Manual’ and ‘Kingdom of Bahrain: Political Review.’

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